Solid cherry kitchen

This kitchen badly needed an upgrade: I replaced the contractor-grade cabinetry from the 80's with quality solid cherry cabinets, new LED lighting,plumbing, countertop and tiled backsplash. Properly designed, the kitchen now boasts a tremendous amount of storage space, and is now efficient, bright and beautiful.

concrete, bamboo & cork kitchen

My three favourite materials come together in this kitchen renovation project. I made a virtually indestructible concrete counter-top with a selection of local aggregates, iron oxide pigments and high-tech admixtures. The surface is seeded with mother-of-pearl and features some inlaid fossils. Bamboo panels make up all the casework and cork tiles cover the walls. Best of all, the kitchen works wonderfully, and is a pleasure to use.


cork wall

A nice kitchen wall I made covered in cork. There was plenty of storage elsewhere in the kitchen so I forewent the standard kitchen cabinetry over the sink to showcase a long wall clad in cork It is under a skylight so plants can cascade down the wall.


red kitchen

Another complete kitchen overhaul. Windows and doors were moved to re-organize the space. The new kitchen incorporated a peninsula, rich colours, cork flooring and plenty of storage in this older house.