Atelier design+build is a Victoria-based firm that integrates architectural design and fine craftsmanship to create spaces for work or play where beauty and function are in harmony.

  Classically trained in architecture, Adrian Shewchuk (B. Arch and B.Sc. Arch, McGill University) is an experienced designer, builder and fine woodworker, who for over 25 years, has specialized in breathing new life into older and historic homes- transforming them into modern, efficient living spaces.

  The spirit and method of work of Atelier design+build is captured by the word “atelier”: traditionally the craftman's workshop (from the Old French astelier) and, in modern usage, the artist's or architect's studio. The ethic of Ad+b unites both meanings; the atelier is both the workshop and the design studio where projects are conceived, designed, and executed. The architectural design process, the nature of materials and the methods of construction inform and influence each other, while careful consultation with clients ensures that their needs and vision are more than satisfied.

  Whether completely gutting and rebuilding a house from foundation to roof, designing a home addition to adapt to changing needs of a family, creating custom built-ins, renovating kitchens or bathrooms, Adrian balances the principles of beauty and functionality to create enjoyable and timeless spaces for living and working.