Full kitchen renovation

Walls were removed to transform a cramped and dated kitchen into an open plan kitchen and dining area that is bright, modern and spacious. The space features affordable Ikea cabinets, quartz countertops, Led lighting throughout, a random linear mosaic glass backsplash, cork tile and wide-plank engineered oak flooring in a tactile and warm oil finish.  

Perfect cork tile floor installations

For over 20 years I have contracted for Duro Design Flooring as the architectural consultant, technical writer, field supervisor, trainer, troubleshooter, an installer and head of web development. In these years I have installed well over 75,000 square feet (I stopped counting a while back) of cork flooring and have earned a reputation as an authority on cork surfaces.

I love cork.

It is an incredibly beautiful material with very unique physical properties. It insulates, attenuates sound, absorbs impact, is anti-static and anti-microbial. The characteristics cork possesses make it a very comfortable and easy to maintain flooring material. Cork is surprisingly tough and resilient, yet a sensual material- pleasing to the eye, touch and ear.

However, amongst flooring installers, cork tile has a reputation for being one of the most difficult floors to prepare for and lay properly. You need a very experienced installer to install cork well.

Here are just a few of my floors:

Hand-crafted leather floor

Perhaps the most unique and challenging floor I can lay is composed of leather tile. These are vegetable tanned hides whereby every tile has been trimmed to size and bevelled by hand. The tiles are then sorted for thickness and colour to be racked and arranged in a harmonious manner on the floor. Several light coats of finish help protect this princely floor.

The result is a true pleasure to touch and behold.

taking over the porch

A small bedroom was transformed into a large bright room by taking over a former closed-in porch. This modification required the removal of 3.5 m of exterior brick wall, supporting the wall above with structural steel, levelling, reinforcing and tieing the floor structure together, insulating, finishing etc. Here you see the new solid stained birch floor that tied together the new space.