cork wall

A nice kitchen wall I made covered in cork. There was plenty of storage elsewhere in the kitchen so I forewent the standard kitchen cabinetry over the sink to showcase a long wall clad in cork It is under a skylight so plants can cascade down the wall.


siding restoration

Restoring this 1910 house to its former glory with a new set of shingles. Unfortunately, the former owners of this house had woefully neglected the routine maintenance required of cedar shingles: this house hadn't been painted or stained in over 25 years. Fortunately I saved and restored about half the siding on this house, but the western exposure, this side, which receives all the wind, sun and rain had to be completely replaced. With a modern rain-screen system (an air barrier, drainage plane, and a free-venting air space) installed under pre-stained shingles, this new facade should survive more than another century with regular maintenance.

flooring inspection

One of the services I offer are home inspection reports. In this case, I was asked to inspect a hardwood floor. This horrible flooring installation serves to illustrate two hard-learned lessons: 1. make sure your flooring installer is intelligent and qualified to do the work; 2. make sure the material is acclimatised to site conditions. The Jatoba floor in this house quickly starting gapping within months of the owners taking possession of their new house. I came to the conclusion, from physical evidence I gathered on site, a few calculations and by interviewing witnesses that the floor had been stored in an unheated garage in winter (very humid here in the Pacific Northwest) and was installed directly from the garage. Thus, the floor dried and shrank in place, leaving gaps of up to 4 mm. Besides that, numerous other mistakes were observed that confirmed to me that this installer was not qualified and unaware of industry standards for the laying of hardwood floors. Incredibly, this individual is still in business here in Victoria installing wood flooring. I have inspected two of his installations and they were both disasters. He ran away with the money from both jobs and left one of the homeowners literally in tears over the fact that she had paid $12,000 for a botched floor.

adding a bay window

Did you ever wish you could get some more light into your living room? A client approached me about opening up this wall of their den, one of the most-used rooms in the house. They had a beautiful garden to look out over, but the existing window was too small to take advantage of the view. This bay window gave them a few extra square feet of space and brought the garden into full view.