atelier doors

Well, my studio needed doors; why not make them in such a way to incorporate my logo? So I welded stainless steel handles with my friend, colleague and local Victoria artist Rob Wise and made the rest with local fir and 1950’s Bommer hinges my grandfather gave me years ago, but sat well-greased in their original boxes. Using these doors, reminds me daily of these two passed dear men and that heritage and memory, in simple ways, can enliven and invigourate our built environment.


These massive doors are custom-built and hang on famous Bommer double-action spring hinges (patented by Lorenz Bommer in 1880) These 16" tall hinges date from the 40's and came in their original boxes. The doors are 2-1/4" thick vertical grain douglas fir and close a 10'x10' doorway.